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The Marina

The pearl of Als is what the sailors are used to call the harbor of Augustenborg. The harbor is far away from the life of the big cities.

Its natural position at the end of Augustenborg fiord makes it to a popular place to go by bad weather conditions. At the same time, the harbor is placed on one of the most attractive places in Jutland. The isle of Als is the perfect starting point for some of the most beautiful sailing trips in the south of Funen. Furthermore, there is a world of opportunities for one day trips in the many fiords and bays, which are all around in this area.

Our harbor has everything that your heart desires. For the children we have a huge playground. Equipped with certified tools from the company Kompan. The playground is placed on a bed of sand.

As something extraordinary, we have 2 lamas walking around at one of our green areas, that is very nice.

We also have our nice little forest. This is a good place to take a walk with your dog. In the forest, we have established a fantastic barbeque place from where you have a beautiful view over the whole harbor. This is very popular place among our customers. Even many of our guest sailors use the place for lunch instead of eating on board.

To the harbor belongs a top modern wharf, which would be at your service if suddenly something happens to your ship. We recently got a totally new Travelift equipped with remote control, the first one in Scandinavia and north Europe, lift capacity 35 ton. As earlier mentioned we want to have the best equipment and to give the best service.

Nearby the harbor, there is a boat shop, which nearly has everything what is necessary for a ship.

We wish you a nice holiday and hope to see you soon.

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