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Winter storage in heated shed

We can offer you heated storage in a modern shed with a total of 1800  m². This shed was built in 2011 and the height of the doorway is 9 m. Access outside of the normal business hours is only possible with a code. This is your guarantee that no unauthorized person can get in.

The storage price is 48,26 EUR pr. m² exclusive VAT.

The storage area is calculated in the following way (l.o.a. + 1 m x beam + 0,5 m).

To the storage price, you have to add the rental payment of a cradle, lifting/launching, rigging and unrigging of the mast and high pressure cleaning. The prices for this kind of work can be seen on the other pages. See "other expenses" under winter storage.

All the masts are stored inside on shelves. There is no extra charge for this.

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