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Our little town has 3500 inhabitants. Walking distance from the marina is 500 meters, so it is not far. The sights of our town include the palace of our Duke, who died a couple of hundred years ago. Near the palace there is a small impressive church and a large garden - of course nothing compared with English gardens. It is a beautiful place for an evening walk. In the town, there are many shopping opportunities, including daily requirements for life on board.

Transport connections by train, bus and airplane are at hand. The bus leaves every half hour for Sønderborg, only 8 Km away. From Sønderborg a train leaves every two hours for Copenhagen and there are daily flights from the nearby airfield to the Danish capital.

If you stay a little longer on this website, you will see a picture of a bench in the palace garden. On this bench, Hans Christian Andersen wrote many of his famous stories. He was a frequent guest at Augustenborg Palace and a personal friend of the Duke. Another thing you can see is a Viking ship, built many years ago by local craftsmen. It now belongs to a kind of boy/girl scout association; every year they take part in meetings all over Europe and, like the Vikings, go on voyages.

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