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Other expenses

Rental price for a cradle

The weight of the boat decides in what kind of cradle the boat will be stored during the winter. At the moment we have at our disposal 5 different weight classes.
We have cradles of the size from 3 ton to 18 ton (See Picture). The rental of a cradle depends on how heavy the boat is. Sometimes it happens that we have to upgrade. That means we have to store the boat in a stronger cradle if it is stored outside with the mast still on, and if it has a large draft. Security is the main consideration. This is of course not the case if the boat is stored inside the hall. Motor boats, which weigh more than 12 tons, are stored in a special cradle for motor boats.

All our cradles are produced according to the EC norm and are of the type Knijpstra from the company Roodberg. Nothing homemade as we use to say. Only the best for your boat. Remember it is worth a lot of money.

The price for the rental of a cradle is listed down below in the diagram.

The weight of the ship Price
Max 3 T 115.00 EUR
Max 6 T 145.00 EUR
Max 9 T 190.00 EUR
Max 12 T 248.00 EUR
Max 18 T 303.00 EUR
Special fixture for motorboat 185.00 EUR

All prices are excl. VAT

Lifting/Launching and transportation to the storage place

The date for lifting/launching is agreed in advance. At the beginning of September/March the owner and the manager Anders Dahl agrees on a date for lifting/launching. The owner informs the manager if the date is to be changed and a new date set.

In the autumn, the owner brings his boat to the crane by himself or allows the yard to do it. In the spring when the boat has been launched, the owner, on the same day takes his boat to his own berth or to a berth, which has been assigned by the manager.

The owner of the boat has to take it from the berth to the crane or vice versa on the agreed date. If this is not possible, because the owner is indisposed or wants the yard to do it, then one of our employees will do the job. For this there is a fixed price.

From the berth to the crane 50.00 EUR

The lifting/launching includes transportation to and from the storage place, which can either be inside or outside. The method of calculating the price for this work is done by the weight of the boat.

The prices are listed below.

The weight of the ship Price
Max 3 T 182.00 EUR
Max 6 T 207.00 EUR
Max 9 T 230.00 EUR
Max 12 T 251.00 EUR
Max 15 T 276,00 EUR
Max 20 T 340,00 EUR
Over 20 T 355,00 EUR

All prices is excl. VAT

The mast

To rig and unrig a mast is sometimes complicated. Why not leave this kind of work to other people, who are trained? We do the whole job and we know how to do it. It doesn't matter how much time we take, the price is still the same. What do you get for your money? We actually do everything. That means that you don't have to prepare anything. Only the sails have to be off. We disconnect the electrics and in the spring, we of course connect them again. The bar and the kicker is also our problem. After the mast has been unrigged, we prepare the mast for storage. All the split bolts we leave on board in small bags ready for the spring. After that, we transport the mast to our mast shelves, which are inside in our storage halls. In the spring, we will trim the mast so that you are ready to go.

The price for rigging and unrigging the mast depends on the weight of the ship. If there are more than 2 masts then the price will be adjusted.

See the chart below.

The weight of the ship Price
up to 3 T 166.00 EUR
up to 6 T 210,00 EUR
up to 9 T 275.00 EUR
up to 12 T 280,00 EUR
over 12 T Pay per hour
With 2 masts the second mast cost 116.00 EUR
Extra charge in storage for mast with radar (more space) 23.00 EUR

All prices are excl. VAT

High pressure cleaning

Before the ship can be transported to the winter storage place, it has to be high pressure cleaned. This is not an option.
The price is calculated by 3 things: a price per meter plus a fixed cost. To that you have to add an environmental charge.

Cleaning facilities 22.00 EUR
Per meter 3.00 EUR
Environmental cost 27.00 EUR

All prices are excl. VAT

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