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ING. Peder Dahl

is our boss and he has not yet decided when he will leave the helm to younger forces.

ING. Anders Dahl

is responsible for the daily operation. It's him you can contact if you have any questions concerning your boat. He is your contact person at any time.

Samir Repesa

is one of our employees in charge of the preparation of the boats. This work involves launching/lifting, rigging, antifoul, polishing and so on. He speaks Danish, German, English and Bosnian.

Jens Jörn

Is one of our boat builders who can do everything you can expect from a boat builder. Everything from wood and fiberglass work to installation of marine engines. He speaks German and English.

Kay Priebe

is also one of our boat builders who can do everything regarding wood and fiberglass work on the boats. He speaks German and English.

Marion Erichsen

Is our secretary. She is responsible for bookkeeping and everything else a small company needs today. She speaks Danish, German and English.

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